Here we have the worlds best upconverters stacked in a pile for true a/b/c compairson.

All that is sitting on a D5 HD VTR. The pile consists of a Juno, Miranda, Teranex..



Not many home theater dealers have 3 Vidikron Vision 1's lying around being prepped for install.



Here is the ultimate way to do a 40 foot wide picture. The projector is the REAL D-Cinema blackchip projector connected digital to the Teranex running 720P60. Its fed a digital signal video signal from the dvd player. There is also a D5 machine for true HD reference. Also present is a QuVis QuBit HD Server. This setup costs aprox $450,000, just for the hardware.



The ultimate way to do DVD's. A DVD player digital out into a Pluto Video Server then upscaled by the Teranex and connected to a D5 which then goes to the projector digital. This is a 100% digital video chain.



OooOOoooo can you say D-Cinema...

OooOOooo A D-Cinema black chip projector driven by a Teranex.